donnie l. betts of No Credits Production obtained permission to air the series on KGNU 88.5 FM in Boulder, Colorado. Destination Freedom actively involves actors, actresses, musicians, teachers, students and listeners from the Denver community. Awareness has been created over KGNU's airwaves by inviting the public to be part of the live, in-studio audience.

Destination Freedom is intended to educate all listeners, but the targeted audiences are middle, high school, and college students of all ethnic backgrounds. It's believed the listeners will gain a better appreciation for the contributions African-Americans have made to our society. The program reaches beyond the scope of the radio station through several local print outlets; the Denver Post, In the Black Magazine, and the Denver Rocky Mountain News, as well as several school publications.
The programs are produced in collaboration with Denver Educational Broadcasting/KGNU. It was KGNU's mission coupled with public radio's reputation for bringing intelligent, educational and entertaining programs to the people that led to the partnership between betts and the station.

Public Radio International is featuring Destination Freedom for national syndication.


Destination Freedom: Black Radio Days is a radio series aired on KGNU 88.5 FM at 8:00 pm MST on the third Monday of every month. It is a powerful series creating awareness of the role Blacks played in creating social changes. In addition the series will be live on 89.1 FM in Ft. Collins, 93.7 FM Ward and KGNU.org. The series is a 2 time winner of the "Scribes In Excellence Award" presented by the Colorado Association of Black Journalist judged by a national panel. Destination Freedom/Black Radio Days profiles the lives of African American Heroes and Sheroes and is sponsored by BlackRadioDays.com, Black and Read Books and Tapes (303) 467-3236, and The Urban Spectrum.

Sample Oscar Brown Jr., original cast member of Destination Freedom. Listen...

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